Anyone who has seen the story of Johnny the Bagger knows it is very inspiring and I wish it were really true, but I suspect it is not. I question if Barbara Glanz has fabricated the story to sell her training videos which go for $1000.

Barbara claims that the family does not want their identities revealed. So Johnny's family doesn't want to get the attention yet he's caused a whirlwind of reaction in the store he works at. His checkout line wraps around the frozen food isle while all other lines are empty, and his family doesn't want any attention. Yet Johnny calls Barbara up to tell her all about it. This doesn't seem to fit with a family that doesn't want to draw any attention.

If this were a true story and he really did cause such a change in the store, someone, somewhere in that town would have mentioned it independently or connected Barbara's story with their grocery store. Someone in the town would have said, "Hey, that's about us". It probably would have been on the local news. Aside from Barbara's word, this story is non existence. Johnny's family has done such a great job of keeping their identity a secret that nobody else has ever independently mentioned the miraculous story of how a grocery store bagger with Down syndrome transformed an entire store. In fact, the first and only reference I can find to this story surfaced when Barbara incorporated it in her training material. This story helped put her on the map. How lucky for her.

I find it very odd that Barbara has the exclusive on this story. You wouldn't want the family telling their story on their own. That would really put a dent in her video training sales. I sure hope if Johnny exists he is getting a percentage of her take. It's also interesting that Barbara has even trademark the phrase "Johnny The Baggerâ„¢". She sure has taken ownership of the story. I hope she has given Johnny (if he exists) permission to use that phrase when referring to his job.

This story has all the earmarks of an urban legend. I challenge anyone to send me some evidence that this story is real. If you have any information that can confirm this story please email me at

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